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“Climb the Air” is an EP of traditional material recorded by Hatful of Rain in late 2015.The songs included here started as material played at live shows amongst original ‘Hatful‘ compositions. The idea for the EP came from a desire to demonstrate how the band’s musicianship and song-writing has been influenced and inspired by folk music coming from the British Isles, crossing the Atlantic and back again.

The EP is priced at £5 with P+P £1.99 within the uk. Please contact us for P+P oversees.     

Jonny Williams ​"East of the Rising" LP Released July 2018 LWHM 006

​'I became interested in folk music because I had to make it somehow" ​Bob Dylan

Hatful of Rain "Songs of the Lost and Found" LP Released July 2018

LWHM 004

From the South Wales valleys, steeped in the history of rock and roll and country comes Jonny Williams with "East of the Rising" Jonny was the front man of legendary Brighton Taff rockers "The Sign On Valley Rangers

The album is priced at £10 with P+P of £1.99. Please contact us for overseas P+P costs.

Cory Flynn ​"A Boy Named Hunger" LP Released September 2017 LWHM 003

"These are songs by a true storyteller; Cory could buttonhole you in a crowded pub and make you listen and make you think. I come out of the other side of Cory's songs changed from the person I was when I went into them, which is what I want from a songwriter." says Ian McMillan

A Boy Named Hunger is the first release by super talented Brighton based singer-songwriter Cory Flynn.

The album is priced at £10 with P+P of £1.99. Please contact us for overseas P+P costs.

Long awaited third full length album from Hatful of Rain. Fusing powerful songwriting with musical flare, Hatful of Rain combine their English, Celtic and American inspirations to great effect on their new album.

The album is full of original songs that speak of ‘today’; responding to the modern world’s experiences of loss, redemption, migration, identity and austerity. Musically the four piece band blend seamlessly with a cast of additional musicians using their familiar line-up of voice, fiddle, mandolin, guitar and bass.

Available on 1st July 2018! PreSales Available Now!

Hatful of Rain ​"Climb the Air" EP Released 15th April 2016 LWHM 001