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Hatful of Rain

​"Hauntingly Beautiful" Bob Harris, Radio 2

Hatful of Rain are a contemporary folk group mixing British and American styles. They combine powerful songwriting with musical flare, using a single microphone approach to create an intimate and engaging atmosphere to their live performances.

"The combination of mandolin, banjo, bass 
and fiddle is nigh on perfect" - Spiral Earth.

"Songs that will make you dance and songs that will make you cry - get a chance to see them perform live" - FATEA

"Hauntingly beautiful…I love it”  - Bob Harris, Radio 2.

"The most melodic roots music you are likely to hear anywhere"  -

Hatful of Rain have released two albums on Union Music Store label, "The Morning Key" and "Way Up On The Hill". In 2016 they launched "Climb the Air" on Long Way Home Music.

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