12th October                 Tuesday Night Skiffle Club - John Selden, Worthing £8 contact   

                                      phil@longwayhomemusic.co.uk for tickets

10th November             Long Way Home Music Booking Agency Launch - Harrison, Kings Cross, London

                                      featuring Hatful of Rain, Bird in the Belly and Cory Flynn and compered by

                                      the Guardians Tim Dowling!

30th Nov & 1st Dec      Climb the Air - An Exploration of Transatlantic Roots Music @ The Latest Music Bar 

                                     Brighton. Two consecutive evenings of live music featuring Hatful of Rain and friends.

                                     Thursday 30th will explore Hatful's British Folk Roots whilst Friday 1st December will

                                     feature the US influences. Two different sets from two different perspectives on

                                     two different nights!

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Long Way Home Music

"Real folk music long ago went to Nashville and left no known survivors"  ​Donal Henahan